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We offer a 10x20 foot double sided ad space on a dedicated mobile billboard unit. All schedules and routes are completely custom prepared to target your audience.  Live online GPS tracking from any computer or cell phone. *8 hours of campaign per day. The Illuminated mobile billboards Guaranteed Service at night.

If advertising is costly for your company or you feel marketing campaigns tend to have weak results, a mobile billboard may be the right solution for you. Mobile billboard advertising is an emerging niche in the billboard advertisement market and therefore tends to be more cost effective then other advertising means. For one low price, your company could have giant advertisements seen by thousands of eyes as these trucks travel in the cities of your choice.

  • You get the pronounced advantages of mobility, size and motion.
  • We are competitively less expensive than any other major media. 
  • Mobile BillBoard graphics can be customized for impact or economy.
  • You achieve total demographic exposure, impacting both consumer and trade audiences.
  • Every aspect of our program is highly customizable, tailored to each client's specific needs.
  • Up to 8 hours per day 7- days a week.
  • Clean detailed trucks with illuminated billboards for maximum exposure at night.
  • 10x20 foot billboards. One of the largest size mobile billboards on the market.


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